3 Important Business Lessons You Could Learn From UFC President Dana White

Dana White Busines entrepreneur

UFC President Dana White has had made quite a few waves in the past 14 years, growing the UFC into a global brand, and becoming an icon for the fastest growing sport in the world Mixed Martial Arts aka MMA.

So what can we learn from Dana?

Love What You Do!

It’s one of the first lessons most of learn before becoming entrepreneurs. Dana is no exception “I was the biggest fight fan on earth.” If you’re going to be spending 60-80 hours a week on your business you have to love it.

Clean Up Your Business Image. Be A Pro 

Before White became involve the UFC was marketed it as “the most brutal, bloody sport in the world.”  This is how White remembers it. “This thing was so bad it was not allowed on pay-per-view. Porn was on pay-per-view, but the UFC was not allowed on pay-per-view.”

White set out to clean up the image of the UFC by introducing weight classes as well as eliminating some of the more ruthless aspects of the fights. This allowed White partner first with Spike TV and more recently sports titans Fox Sports and Reebok

Know Your Audience

You know those embarrassing sports moments when the commissioner of the NFL, MLB, or NHL gets up to present an award or trophy, and is immediately drowned out by boos from the crowd.

That doesn’t happen with Dana White.

UFC fans know the sport they love is still not accepted by the mainstream. Try and talk about it at the office and you’ll most likely get a few “really, you’re into that?” looks from you co-workers.

White exemplifies a true UFC fan.

Despite the image overhaul of the UFC, White’s image is still rough considering he is the face of an estimated 3.5 billion dollar company. White, usually dressed in a t-shirt and jeans routinely drops f-bombs on Tv interviews. Like fight fans he wears his heart on his sleeve.

He publicly calls out fighters, refs, judges, state athletic commissions, and politicians. It’s not uncommon to see White involved in a Twitter war with a fan challenging White’s decisions. He also is quick to praise any of the affor mentioned in public as well.


His audience wouldn’t relate to a PC speaking unemotional talking head. While some might question his demeanor, no one would ever question his love for the UFC.

Whether you’re a billion dollar business or a personal brand trying to get to 6 figures these 3 lessons are a must!

Action Steps

  1. Be sure this is what you want to do.
  2. Be a pro! It’s the only way to be taken seriously.
  3. Research your audience! Be the best representative for them.