5 Books To Grow Your Business In 2016

It’s 2016, and every business owner has hope and vows to grow like never before! So what! How do you intend to do that? Sure you want to grow, but you’re going to need some direction. Fear not my fellow entrepreneurs! We have a list!!

These 5 books are listed in a particular order.  These are all books I’ve read and highly recommend.

1. Executive Toughness  -Jason Selk

This book is transformative, that’s why I listed it first. Two things I learned from this book were 1. Your self image is the thermostat for your actions. In other words if you set your self image, too low you will not allow your actions to exceed that self image. Likewise you cannot underperform your self image either. Increase your self image and your actions will take you where you want to go. It sounds like hocus pocus but its NOT!. The second thing I learned from this book was these goals are great but they are useless unless you set daily or weekly process goals to get there. Author Dr. Jason Selk helped the team win their first World Series in over 20 years, and in 2011 he assisted the Cardinals in the historic feat of winning their second World Championship in a six year period.

2. The E-Myth  -Michael Gerber

The E-myth was one of the first business books I’ve ever read. It’s a must for someone who is taking the skills you learned while working a job, and turning them into your own business. Most people don’t realize the importance of setting up a work force and systems. Systems are crucial to keeping labor costs low and being able to hand off tasks and focus on growing your business instead of working in it.

3. Ready Fire Aim  –Michael Masterson

This is a book that made me realize there is one key to every successful business. SALES! Feel free to lease the coolest office, buy the best computers, design the best logos, create the best website. IF YOU HAVE NO SALES YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS. There’s plenty more to learn from this book and to be honest I may not be doing the book justice but when I finished this book I had a renewed focus on sales.

4. The Little Red Book of Selling  -Jeffrey Gitomer

People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. That quote kinda blew my mind. It’s so true right?  Jeffrey covers everything in this classic, including getting out of slumps changing your customers focus from price to Value and relationships and using humor to sell (this book has tons of it). I’ve had dinner with Jeffrey on many occasions he is a sales genius and as real as it gets!

5. Traction  –Gino Wickman

This book made me realize my business had way too many loose ends. Tieing up these loose ends, starts with setting core values and creating a 3 year picture.The next step is narrowing that picture down into a one year plan, and in the end turing that one year plan into quarterly goals, known as rocks.  I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense now but trust me, read this book! Oh yeah I also loved this concept, finding and your business’s “uniques”. Uniques are what make your company different from your competitors if you don’t have any you’d better find some fast.

There you have it people, 5 books to really help you grow your business. Everyone wants to grow this year but with these books you will be able to create a real gameplan and change your mindset about 2016!