Hi! My name is Ray Akers aka Rakers.  If you’re reading this you most likely have read one of my blogs, watched one my videos or you’re a stalker!

And I can also guess you’re a business owner and entrepreneur. Me too, and that means we have another thing in common, we take risks!

Where it started

I used to own a mural painting business. I started posting time-lapse videos of my murals as well as how to videos on YouTube. Just like everyone else I wanted to get more views on my videos. So I dove head first into YouTube Marketing and those videos have totaled over 3.5 million views, and even lead to a paid endorsement deal with Glidden Paints.

From that point forward I was hooked! I studied everything I could about social media and marketing!

Shortly thereafter I began helping other small business’ use social media to get traffic and leads. I loved seeing the results so I took a risk and Social Media Daredevil was born. 

Are you a Daredevil?

As a kid, I loved riding my bike. My friends and I were always trying to finding anything we could jump our bikes off of. Once in a while, we would find a big jump that put a little fear into everyone.

Most kids would talk about riding off the jump but eventually fear kept them from even trying. But not the Daredevils! They always jumped.

As an adult, I’ve seen the same pattern, lot’s of people talk about quitting their and starting their own business.



Today I train Brazillian Jiu Jitsu 4 times a week and I absolutely love it! When I’m not doing jiu-jitsu, I’m usually reading about sales, marketing and of course spending time with my family.