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I am a social media daredevil. Addicted to the rush of helping others reach their goals. Daredevils don't talk about it. Daredevils do it!

Writing for a World of Terminators

Writing for a World of Terminators How To Make Your Posts More Scannable I have a lot to do and so do you. In fact the chances are that you're about to start scanning this post [...]

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Epic vs Prolific Is trying to be epic killing your growth? 5 Reasons being Prolific beats being Epic

Be Epic! That seems to be a common theme amongst social media leaders. I agree with them for the most part, but is trying to be epic stifling your growth? Here's the case against trying [...]

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WTF is going on with Instagram

If you have kids between the ages 8-18, you already know that Instagram is where it at. Instagram is growing like crazy right now. I have been growing my sons twitter following religiously for the [...]

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Be Everywhere in One Place

Be Everywhere in One Place When online business icon Pat Flynn revealed his philosophy of be everywhere,  a few things happened. First of all, most people including myself were inspired. Imagine people being able to find me everywhere. No [...]

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