Be Everywhere in One Place

When online business icon Pat Flynn revealed his philosophy of be everywhere,  a few things happened. First of all, most people including myself were inspired. Imagine people being able to find me everywhere. No matter where they turn there I am. It sounds awesome!

So we all rushed to our keyboards and opened new social accounts.

Within days I had that sinking feeling and my to do list was gigantic!




Oh and also scan the internet and find relevant blogs, and leave comments.

Not just “hey great post” comments, but be sure to leave comments that add to the conversation and make you stand out.

Commenting and opening accounts is just the start, of course. You also need to create content and be sure that you’re not just duplicating content.

Gurus often give advice like this:
Lure your facebook followers to twitter by posting twitter exclusives.
Lure you twitter followers to Pinterest by offering Pinterest exclusive content.
Do that for all of the accounts listed above, and you will master the be everywhere philosophy.
It’s just that easy!

Are you shitting me? Who in the world has the time for that?

Don’t get me wrong Pat Flynn is a true leader in our field, and is a personal inspiration to me. However in order to achieve being everywhere you would need a huge team working for you. If you’re like me the plan is impossible to conquer.

So let’s use a strategy that is not only is effective but it’s doable!

Be everywhere in one place. Case Study

I recently met 22 year old Casey Cooper aka COOP3RDRUMM3R he posts videos of himself playing drums to popular songs on youtube. He is killing it!!! What is killing it? Wrap your head around this:

  • Over 400k subscribers to his Youtube Channel
  • Over a million views a month on his videos.
  • Front page of Reddit and in The Huffington Post
  • Endorsement deals with Pearl Drums and Zildjan cymbals
  • He has also been featured in Modern Drummer and Drum Magazine

This didn’t happen by chance. His growth was calculated and premeditated. Casey set out to be one of the most popular channels on youtube, Casey told me his plan was simple, be everywhere on youtube.

“I made a new drum cover everyday for about 3 months straight. 100 videos in a 100 days. My goal was to saturate the market. I wanted to make sure that when someone searched for a drum cover of a song on youtube my video would be one of the results.”

Casey knew exactly what would happen next. Because of youtube’s related videos algorithm even if you didn’t click his video, he was likely to be in the related videos sidebar waiting for your click. Also the more his videos got clicked the more likely his videos showed up in the related videos sidebar.

In the first 8 months I had 10k subscribers

After that the growth was inevitable. Casey continued to produce more drum covers and his popularity increased. By focusing on one area, Casey’s social media outlets have grown without even trying.

  • Over 140,000 facebook fans
  • 12k twitter followers (he only follows 29)
  • 9k loyal instagram followers.

His influence has gotten the attention of Gopro, (his camera of choice) and he is looking to secure a “business relationship” with them in the near future.

One of the most important things Casey revealed to me was this. Casey can name lots of drummers on youtube that are better drummers than him. He’s not trying to create a masterpiece with each video.

He knew if he tried to make each video epic his productivity would come to a grinding halt. That doesn’t mean you have a license to produce garbage. What’s important is that you saturate the market with good valuable content, gain authority and respect. Once that is achieved, then you can focus on being epic.

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For my 10 year old son Briggs and I, this was so inspirational. My son also posts drums lessons and drum covers on youtube, and we met Casey because he agreed to do a drum cover with Briggs (check out my post on the power of collaborations).
On the ride back home we agreed that we need to seriously increase video production. We decided to release at least 3 drum videos a week.
For me I decided not to waste another minute trying to create content to grow our pinterest following. (yes we really have a pinterest page)

So what about you? Are you exhausted from trying to be everywhere? Get focused!

Action Steps

  • Decide what type of content you can generate in massive quantities.
  • Determine where your content can be most easily consumed and received.
  • Drop The Deadweight!
  • Stop trying to be epic!

What about you?

What social media outlets are deadweight and need to go?

What content is easiest for you to create in massive quantities?

Where is the one place you can be everywhere?