How To Become An Online Marketer In The Pockets Of Your Spare Time

Wondering why everyone seems to be an online entrepreneur all of a sudden?

Taking your business online is a smart and strategic way to leverage talent and skills in a low-cost and effective way that fits with today’s modern society and the demand of everyday life. Most people have families, expenses, and accountabilities and can’t afford to drop everything to start their first business full-time.

We are in the age of the “side hustle,” and the truth is, you can easily start yours now and leverage it to become full time.

While the number of online entrepreneurs are growing, there’s also a harsh truth: not everyone will become successfulOne of the major things separating the successful from the not is the ability to market in the new online world.

If you’re not leveraging the internet in your business yet, consider this: there are so many aspects of building a business offline that requires the same day-to-day focus and communication when it comes to sales and marketing.

When you bring your business online, those processes can be automated or done around the clock.

One of the key areas you’ll want to consider for your business is social media. You can take advantage of the hundreds of thousands (if not more) of people in your target market who are already spending their time online.

Consider private messages on LinkedIn and Twitter. You probably already know that conversations = cash, but have you considered a new way of doubling or tripling those conversations?

Using the advanced search feature on sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn can be one way to find your “perfect” prospect. Try searching by job title and area on LinkedIn – you’ll find an instant list of people who match both. Check their profile, see if they are active, and reach out.

On Twitter, check out who’s following the influencers in your niche. Their bios will essentially be outlined for you if they are your prospect. Search for keywords your target market is using and find the conversations happening every single second. I guarantee you can find conversations and people who can benefit from knowing you and buying from you.

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LinkedIn’s advanced search feature gives you multiple options to find people in your target market.

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Twitter’s advanced search allows you to keep a pulse on conversations and people in your target market.

Your next step? Add value, and then some more. Have a genuine conversation with this person while sending them freebies (from you or external sources) that you think will be useful to them.

Build that trust before you try to sell.

Try this: Introduction → Ask a question → Add Value → Add Value (repeat as needed) → Invite to Conversion Event

The trick to adding this into your side hustle is to do this for an hour in the morning or an hour at night while your family may be sleeping. This will allow you to work your full time job while still building your business on the side.

Master tip: Even just one hour a day of targeted outreach will bring returns to your business. Avoid the “post and pray” model in favor of real outreach.

If you have a smartphone, hop on the livestreaming train. There is a reason this is taking the online marketing world by storm. If you have a Twitter account, you can set up a Periscope account If you have a Facebook account, you can use Facebook Live. There is no barrier to entry to livestreaming, and the apps are free.

Use your live streaming sessions to lead with value, and include a call to action at the end. You should give your viewers something so good that they are ready for you to give them the next step to take with you. Offer an ebook or a downloadable resource, even a phone consult with you if you have the time.

Livestreaming takes just a few minutes and most users are on the apps early in the morning or later at night before and after their full time jobs (although this varies depending on your market).

Master tip: Livestream in the pockets of your spare time. If you have 20 minutes in the morning, hop on and offer a free resource. Don’t add to your busy afternoon schedule if you can’t spare that time.

Leverage the white space you already have to add in these strategies to your daily routine.

Key Points:

  • Side hustles are more realistic and common than leaving a full time position to start a business
  • Taking your business online is easy to do with automated systems and using your spare time
  • Spend an hour each morning or at night: 30 minutes to do targeted searches on LinkedIn and Twitter, and 30 minutes doing outreach through messaging. Focus on adding value first! Avoid “post and pray”… it doesn’t work!
  • Once a week or every other, set aside ~20 minutes to livestream. If you have a smartphone, you’re already set up to do so. Add value to your audience and include a call to action at the end.

There are unlimited and free powerful resources online available to everyone using nothing more than a smartphone to market your business. There is also total flexibility to how and when to do your marketing.

Now is the time to start and grow a business online. Log in, get started, and start generating leads.

“It’s not the person who is best at their craft, it’s the person who is best at marketing their business that will win.” -- Kelly Roach Click To Tweet

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to become a stellar online marketer and leader if you want to dominate the space and build a business that will sustain you for years to come!


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