How To Build Online Authority in 5 Simple Steps

Getting sales should be first and foremost on your business “to do” list. According to a survey from International Council of Shopping Centers, over 90% of consumers ages 18-44 planned to do research online (a.k.a. webrooming) before making a purchase.

Your future customers will research your product, and they will be visiting your site. Building your authority online is a vital component to your sales. Why?

Authority is built on the knowledge you have of your industry. This is also a key to building trust. When someone visits your site, you don’t have the opportunity to speak with your customers face to face. You also can’t tell them how experienced you are, or how knowledgeable you are.

Let’s face it, no one likes to talk to an uninformed salesperson.

It’s crucial to optimize online tools to improve Trust & Authority.

Here at Social Media Daredevil, one of the first things we do is evaluate our clients current online authority, and max it out ASAP!!

So here are the 5 areas of Authority we focus on!

Content Marketing/Blog Posts

On the surface, your site is going to be a place to give someone a general idea of what services or products you offer. Offer your visitors something more. Tell them what you know! Show them your passion!

Blogging is your time to shine! This is how people will get the chance to hear your voice, and get your take on key issues in your niche. It also allows you to expand on the uniques of your business.

  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

Email Optins

This is similar to content marketing, but this content is only available after the visitor enters their email address in exchange for some sort of offer. This offer can be an exclusive discount, information rich ebook, or a video series.

If a sale is “marriage,” then this exchange is the “first date.”

Even more than blogging, this content is your chance to show that you can deliver what you promise. Do not skimp out on the quality of this optin content. If someone gives you their email and you deliver weak-ass content, you blew your chance for a “second date.”

Email Marketing

Email marketing has many purposes. For most, it’s a sales funnel or a weekly newsletter to keep people updated on your business. Once again, this is a big opportunity to show your knowledge and authority.


If you’re setting up your sales funnel, then each email should be used to increase trust and lead the user to a sale. If you’re sending them useless fluffy content, you’ll lose the momentum you’ve gained from the initial email optin.

Social Media

Social media is like a Swiss Army knife for showing authority. This is a free broadcasting service for you to show off a little. We use 4 types of content to highlight our knowledge.

External Content – This is content from around the web that my potential customers would find useful. This shows your followers that you are on top of all the latest trends and innovations related to your business.

Internal Content – This all of those blog posts you wrote. Now you get to use them to lead traffic from social media to your site.

Promotional Content – Any products, sales, or email optins that you have get put into this category. Once again, this gets you traffic.

Inspirational Quotes – These are quotes related to your niche. They my be inspirational or just things you think are funny. Not all of your content has to serious you know.


Make sure you reply to comments left on your social media posts. Nothing says I don’t care like no replying to comments.

Testimonials and Reviews

“Don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers!” If Amazon and Yelp have taught us anything, it’s that consumers value reviews. At the end of the day, people still trust recommendations, and that’s exactly what an honest positive review is.

How do you get reviews? There’s lots of different places people may leave a review: your Facebook Page, Google, Yelp and plenty of others. The best way to get a review is to just ask for them.

Send out an email to your current clients and ask them for them an honest review. Don’t over complicate things.

Knowledge is key. No one feels comfortable buying from an uneducated salesperson. While building brand authority can’t be done overnight, it doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass either. Start building your online authority today!

Action Steps:

  1. Audit your social media and website
  2. Start producing content!
  3. Create an Email Optin
  4. Use email campaigns to give info and value
  5. Create a content strategy for social media
  6. Start collecting testimonials