Your First Steps To Outsourcing

Solopreneur. It sounds awesome, right? If you are a solopreneur you know in reality it’s a nightmare. That pressure of knowing no one is going to help. When you’re in the weeds you have one optionwork more hours. You’re already working 60-80 hours anyway why not just pull an all nighter?? If you want to grow your business, and not die an early death, you need to outsource. Let’s go over your first steps to outsourcing and becoming bigger and better than you ever thought possible!

1. Let it Go!!

If you’re like I was you may have fallen into that sad state of mind that you are a martyr. What you say? You know what I’m talking about!!! You get to complain about how many hours your working and how hard it is being a one man (or woman) show. Hearing people say I don’t know how you do it? It’s like emotional crack. 🙂

Get over it!!! You must get out of this mindset! It will limit your business from reaching its true potential (world dominance).

You’re also probably one of those people who want to do everything, and I know you’re afraid other people will do a shitty job. Stop letting fear keep you from growth! You’re a business owner that means you’re a risk taker, a daredevilYou may also feel like hiring someone is an admission that you can’t handle your business. Stop thinking like that!!!

You must equate outsourcing with growth an saving money!

What Do you Love?

Let’s talk about what you shouldn’t outsource. Why did you start your business? Hopefully, you started your business because there was something about it that you loved! Find out what you love, keep doing that. It will keep excited to start your day! Now for the rest of that mess!

What do you hate?

Every business has highly repetitive tasks. Accounts payable, data entry, you know what I’m talking about. For us this would following and unfollowing users on Twitter. They’re important but they’re a major time suck. Having these things on your to do list has many awful side effects:

  • You will procrastinate doing these tasks
  • You will feel uninspired
  • They will prevent you from focusing on the details of your business
  • You will begin to dread working on your business.

Some might say you can’t outsource something that’s really important.

I call Bullshit. What’s more important than sales??? Yet people hire/outsource salespeople all the time. The fact is everything is important and eventually you want to have your business be able to run without you.

Create Systems First

If you’re going to hire someone to do something you better have a system so they can learn quickly. You dont want to spend you newly found “free time”  explaining things over and over again. If you don’t have systems in place yet, be sure to read my post: Why Systems Will Make Your Business Feel A lot Less Like a Hot Mess. Guaranteed!

Start Slow!

If you’re like I was, this just may just seem like another expense and one more thing to add to your to do list! More shit to do!!! NOOOOOO!!! In the end I knew I needed help, but I was afraid to spend too much and hand over too much over my business.

So I committed to spending $30 a week. Depending on how much you’re paying per hour this could get you 3-6 hours of help. It won’t break the budget, and it will be very easy to manage. Especially if you have your systems in place!!! 

Where to Find Workers

By now, I hope you’re beginning to see all the reasons why you should start outsourcing. Here’s where you can find them.

There plenty more

God is in The Details

Good businesses do the basics. Kick Ass Businesses over deliver! Outsourcing those little tasks, allows you to focus on the details and keep your customers happy! Read Why Customer Retention is So Damn Important To Your Business, and the $66,000 Answer

Action Steps:

  1. Commit to at least $20 per week
  2. Find what tasks you want to outsource
  3. Make systems for those tasks
  4. Post a Job
  5. Hire Someone