In Dec 2014 Instagram began deleting fake, spam, accounts. Millions of accounts were deleted. Maybe you noticed a drop in your followers but and some celebrities saw a dramatic drop in followers.

The biggest celebrity loser (percentage wise) was Akon, 2.4 million followers were purged, from his followers list. That’s 56 %, of his followers GONE.

  • Bruno Mars lost 24% of his followers
  • P.Diddy lost 22% more than 3.6 million followers
  • Justin Bieber’s lost 3.5 million, while
  • Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million

And Who lost the most followers??

Instagram 18.8 million followers

Check out this awesome Infographic which shows percentages and total followers lost

Software developer Zach Allia created a list of the top 100 accounts that lost the most followers during the update

Don’t worry Instagram is doing just fine. Despite the deleted accounts Instagram still has over 300 million monthly users.