Using sales scripts are the bane of so many salespeople existence. But the fact is a sales script is the best way One of my favorite movies of all time is Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the movie Bill Murray’s character, Phil lives the same day (Ground Hog Day) over and over in an endless loop.

He doesn’t know why or how this is happening but eventually uses his endless “loops” as an opportunity to win the admiration of his love interest Rita.

Each day he strikes up a conversation with his love interest and finds out what to say and what not to say.


The endless loops allow him to have the same conversation with Rita. Essentially he scripts out the conversation knowing exactly how she will react to certain questions and what to say to elicit the response he wants.

Of course, in the end, he wins her heart and the loop ends.

It’s an unintentional master class on the effectiveness of sales scripts and how t make one.

Top salesmen like Zig Ziglar and Grant Cardone both highly praise the importance of sales scripts.

This is Why You Hate Scripts

The reason why most people hate sales scripts is that they aren’t good readers and you’re afraid you’re going to sound robotic or you do sales in person and it won’t work for me.

Yes you will most likely sound robotic in the beginning but that will only be the case for a short period of time, you will get better.

If you’re selling in person like walk-ins or you’re giving a tour of your place, holding and reading a script will not be fun for you or the customer!

A great way thing to do beforehand is to practice your script with some role play. And who doesn’t like a little role play?

So What Are the Benefits of Using a Script?

Saving time!

Using a script allows you to guide the conversation and not allow yourself or the lead to ramble on about things not related to getting that sale.

Anyone can use it

Most of you running a school, academy, or fitness studio know you can’t always get to the phone.

With scripts, anyone can sell and you won’t have to worry if they’re saying the right thing or making the wrong offers.

What Should My Script Look Like?

Laying a Foundation.

After asking their name and addressing why the contacted you (Facebook ad or walk-in etc.)

You want to ask: “Have you ever tried this (class) before?”

This will allow you to find out what level they are, which will help you sell to them.

If someone has never tried Jiu Jitsu or a Muay Thai class before they may be very concerned that they’re going to get choked out or punched in the face!

So, of course, you would want to assure them that they will be safe and let them know you have a program just for them and that you have other students at that level. This will make them feel safe and less likely to ghost on you.

Set The Appointment

Once you’ve made them feel comfortable, it’s time to set the appointment. The biggest mistakes most people make here is they ask the lead, “what time is a good time for you to come in?” Do not do this!

Get them into the next class available!!

You will say “We have a class this evening or tomorrow which one works best for you?”

Humans are procrastinators don’t let them put it off.

Once the appointment is set, you can use this little trick to increase commitment.

If the lead has committed to a Tuesday class at 6:30 you’ll say “Great I’m going to come in early before class 6:15 so I can give you a quick tour. I’ll show you where the water fountains are where the bathrooms are and get you all set”.

You’re extending a nice gesture and committing to them and they are more likely to commit to you.

Upsell Bring a Friend.

At this point, you should ask them to bring a friend. If they are coming in for a free week trial let them know that they can bring a friend along.

This would sound like this: “Hey John we’ve found that most people get more out of the classes if they bring a friend. Do you have anyone that you’d like to bring?”

This will get them less nervous about the experience and of course, now you have 2 people to sell to instead of one!

Give them the Details

Now you should give them any additional info they need. What wear, directions, length of class, etc.

Ask them if they have any questions.

Ask if you can sell to them!

After all of their questions are answered. You’re going to make future selling them a lot easier.

You will do this by saying “Hey John we have a few money-saving specials we are running, do mind if I go over them with you after class?”

99.99999% of people are going to say yes. Who doesn’t want to save money??

What’s great about this is they have given you permission to sell to them after class! This makes selling way less awkward. They know it’s coming because they’ve already given you permission.


Now you will confirm their appointment. “Ok John you’re meeting me tomorrow at 6:15 so I can give you a quick tour. Correct?”  “Great!”

Good Vibes

The last thing is to get them excited about the class. This may sound trivial but it’s not. “I’m excited about meeting you John, are you excited?” It’s important that they associate your class with excitement and not fear or apprehension.

Of course you will follow-up with a text the day of the appointment. If it’s the same day as the conversation you can text a couple of hours before the class or immediately after the call to say hey “I had a great time chatting with you I’m looking forward to meeting you later!

If you’re not currently using sales scripts we really think you should!!