Why Systems Will Make Your Business Feel A lot Less Like a Hot Mess. Guaranteed!

You know what customers hate? Inconsistency.

Imagine going to restaurant, ordering a dish you loved in a previous visit, and having it taste very different. Now imagine this happens every time you order something. How could you ever refer this place to someone?  No bueno. Obviously the process of making that food was inconsistent.

Love them or hate them, you know exactly how a McDonald’s cheeseburger is going to taste. Everytime. It’s no surprise they have a system for everything!

Simply put if there’s any action in your business that will be done more than 3 times (EVER) you need a system for it.

Show me a business without systems and I’ll show you a sloppy business. A consistent customer experience is the just one reason to create and implement systems.


Here are 5 more reasons you need systems for your business now!


Whether you are bringing in new employees or simply giving them new responsibilities, having systems makes the learning process a lot faster.

We suggest making training videos. Here at Social Media Daredevil we have grown quite a library of training videos. This is more effective than just explaining a process to your employees.

How do I know? Well, first of all most people are visual learners. Secondly, my team members have told me! Recently, I was explaining a new service we would be providing, and the process that would be implemented for it. I was stopped mid sentence and was asked, “Are you making a video for this?” That’s when I knew they were effective. If your work is done on computers, simply record a screen capture.

One of the best things about training videos is they can be referenced repeatedly at anytime by your team members. This requires less dependence on you. 

Save money on labor

Most business owners look at a task and think this is very important and complicated. I need to hire someone very smart/skilled/expensive to take care of this.

Systems should break down complex tasks into very easy small steps. This allows you to hire less skilled labor at lower costs. As a result you can focus on hiring someone with high drive, and not high skill.

Simplify every task as much as possible. This should be a top priority for you.


Ah fluidity, we all want it, but rarely attain it. Having systems for business and processes in place, allows seamless transitions between team members. Handing a project or task from one team member to another can often lead confusion as to what was been done and what is left to do.

Imagine a perfectly designed system with each task listed in order. One team member can simply pick up where the other left off with minimal explanation.


If your business can’t run without you, you have a problem. It’s important to know that you are not your business.

Without having systems for business your business will depend on your presence and activeness will make it impossible for you leave for a few days or weeks. No one wants that.

Remember when you started your business? You thought I can work less hours and make more money remember that?  That’s why it’s super important to make the business independent of you.

Your job should be checking systems and making them more efficient.


Having systems in place will benefit your business regardless of the size. Your profits will improve, and customer complaints will become less frequent, and managers won’t have to waste time answering questions from confused team members. If one day you feel the need to sell your business, the systems will add more value to potential buyers.

Action Steps!!

  1. Re-evaluate your current processes.
  2. List out how you’re doing things now.
  3. Think “how can I can make this faster or simpler?”.
    This is also a great time to get input from your team.
    Ask them if there were something they would change. Remember their time is your money!
  4. Create your systems.
  5. Make Training Videos (even if you’re a solopreneur)!
  6. Share this Post!