No matter what you’re selling, the customer is most likely having an inner battle of whether or not to buy. 

You have certainly done this with most purchases you’ve made, even minor ones. It’s buyers remorse before you even buy.

With the exception of shopaholics, we all tend to do this. If your client is on the fence about buying from you they can talk themselves out of it with three very effective sales stifling questions.  

1. Do I Really Need This?

2. Do I Really Need This Now?

3. Do I Really Need This From Them?

Your prospects will ask these three questions to themselves as they are smiling and nodding their heads yes while you’re describing all of the benefits of your service.

If you’re trying to read them you may think all is going well.

Here’s the crazy thing about these questions… the answers your prospects will come up with will depend entirely on who is asking the question!

If you don’t address these questions right away and let your potential new customer ask them in their head they will almost always come up with negative answers.

If you ask them these questions they almost always return with positive answers.

Let’s Role Play!

Scenario 1:

Let’s say you’re trying to sign someone up for a membership, and you allow them to start asking themselves The 3 big questions.

Here are the most likely answers.

Do I Really Need This?

-Oh boy this is a really big time commitment.
-What if I get hurt?
-Do I really want to do this??
-Maybe I’ll just workout at home

Do I Need This Now?

-I should probably wait and get in shape a little first.
-Why don’t I wait until I get my tax return money.
-This would be easier later when my schedule is less hectic.

Do I Need This From You?

-I wonder if there are any other places nearby I don’t know about?
-I should probably check other schools, before I commit.

All of these answers are going to be major objections in their mind.


Ultimately you end up with you getting a response like “I’m going to think about it.” “I need to talk to my spouse.” “Sounds good but I’m not ready to commit yet.”

Ask the Big 3 Questions First!

A funny thing happens when you ask these questions to your prospect. They feel the need to justify their decision to talk to you.

Scenario 2

So Why Are You Here Today? (Do You Really Need This?)

-I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and I really wanted to give it a try.
-My friend does this and they’ve been raving about it.
-I used to to do this years ago and wanted to get back into it
-I just need to lose a few pounds

Why Now?

  • I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I know if I don’t do it now I’ll never do it.
  • I’m sick of being overweight/ out of shape
  • This fits my schedule

Why Us? Why Not Try Something/Somewhere Else?

-I’ve heard good things about your school
-I saw your ad on Facebook
-You’re really close

You are literally asking them to answer their own objections!

Dive In

Once you hear their answers ALWAYS dive deeper.


If someone says they’re “tired of being overweight” ask “how does that make you feel?” Or “has this always been something you’ve struggled with”

This information can be a great reminder for them if they object to signing up.

For example if they say, “well I just want to think about it.”

You can respond with; “If you’re looking to lose weight this is the place for you we have lot’s of members who are here for that exact same reason. If you leave today without committing to yourself that things are going to change you’re just going to continue struggling and I don’t want that to happen.”

We will be going into this further in future posts, but I’m sure you see how powerful these questions and answers can be.

Bonus Benefit

Having your prospects answer these questions is also a great way to prepare them to explain their decision to family and friends.

When their friends or spouse says. “Wow, you just signed up on the spot, just like that?” They’ve already recited the answers to justify their decision.

“You know I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and if I didn’t do it now I probably never would have done it. Plus they’re really close, and it fits my schedule.”

Every interaction with a potential new member needs to START with these “Big 3 Questions” don’t wait for them to ask these questions to themselves, you won’t like their answers!

Actions Steps:

-Practice/drill asking these 3 Big Questions! In the car, in the shower, or with other members of your team. Don’t practice in the game, practice for the game!!
-Make a list of follow up questions to dig deep into their concerns and pain points