Be Epic! That seems to be a common theme amongst social media leaders. I agree with them for the most part, but is trying to be epic stifling your growth?

Here’s the case against trying to be epic.

First off, if you’re a newbie like so many of us, you are not epic. You couldn’t be epic even if you tried. How on earth could you be? What endeavors have you ever been great at without putting hours and hours of work in first? Yeah that’s what I thought.

Before you even think of being epic be prolific first.

Just like anything you you want to get good at, you must put in the hours first. We all know the 10,000 hour rule. Greatness comes AFTER 10k hours not at the start.

Here’s the benefits of changing focus from Epic to Prolific

Finish projects instead of Perfecting them

Trying to create the perfect content is laborious. You over analyze and make constant revisions. Then you search more blogs on how to create the perfect whatever. By focusing on quantity your goal is to finish! When you finish you can create again and again and again.

More data.

In other words how do you know you’re getting better if your sample size is so small? How is your delivery method working? What about your process of sharing and promoting? Is it working? By creating more, you will have more case studies that can hold valuable information as to what works and what doesn’t.

Building your Brand and becoming an Authority

When I go to a site like Copyblogger, Hubsot or Smart Passive Income I know very quickly that if I use their search box I am going to find answers to my questions. That greatly increases the likelihood of me subscribing to an email list or at the very least bookmarking that page as a resource.

More Opportunities to be Found.

The last one on that list really hits home for me in my post be everywhere in one place. I went into the benefits of saturating one market/platform and being everywhere in it. While your perfecting your one masterpiece, someone else is posting 5-10 more posts, allowing them to be found read and shared.

We all know the importance of being seen. While someone may not click or view your content at first, if they continually see you in search results then they will want to see what it is you have to say.


FREE at last! The final blow in the case against being epic is freedom. Choosing to be prolific first gives you freedom. Freedom knowing that you are not perfect.  No matter how hard you try whatever you create today will not measure up to what you will create in the future. They more you create the better you will be it is inevitable. Embrace it!

Take Action!

  • Evaluate where you are in your business. If you are an influencer with thousands of loyal followers then focus on being epic.
  • Ramp up production.
  • Make list of subjects you can create content for in 2 days or less.
  • Rinse and repeat