How to Use Social Media For Small Businesses

I currently manage many social media accounts for various businesses, that provide local services. What I hear the most is I don’t care if I have tons of likes or followers I want customers.

The truth is they don’t really need me to use social media for small business. Everything they need is on their computer or on their phone.

Neilson just just published a study that showed 92% of consumers prefer a recommendation from a friend or family member over all other forms of advertising.

Word of Mouth people!!

We’ve all heard word of mouth is the best way to grow your business. We know this! But few businesses actually use social media for small business to ignite word of mouth.

Think about it. I usually have a 1 hour phone call with my clients discussing their business, and goals for their social media accounts. Much of that process is to find out who their ideal customer is.

The fact is, your ideal customer is your current customer. Most people are friends with people like them; same age, same income, and same interests.  So we need to focus on getting your current customers to recommend you to their friends.

So how do we do this using social media for small business?

I am so glad you asked.

Let’s examine how effective this can be even with very small numbers.
Lets say you own a bakery. mmmm doughnuts.

Out of 50 customers per day you get one person to post a photo and tag your business account in it.

If each of your customers had only on average only 100 followers that would put your service in front of 3000 perfectly targeted potential clients.

Sure it would be great if your customers would just go on social media and start raving about you and your business, but we know they don’t.

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You need to incentivize your customers.

There’s 2 great ways to incentivize your customers. One is with an instant discount or upgrade, and the other is with a monthly or weekly giveaway.

Back to the local bakery let’s say you just sold a dozen donuts at the point of sale an instant giveaway would be “hey if you take a selfie or a pic of your food and tag us in it, you a get a free coffee.” The incentive could be anything 10% of this order or a coupon for 15% off your next order.

Right now you’re either thinking, “that’s a great idea” or you’re thinking “what a hassle”. The fact is this process could be done in less than 5 minutes. Where else can 5 minutes a day get you in front of 3000 targeted customers? For almost almost ZERO dollars.

If you have an in home service like roofing or carpet cleaning this is a no brainer. Offering a discount for a customer recommendation via social media will be irresistible to your customers.

If you deal in a large amount of customers a monthly/weekly giveaway would be a great incentive as well. Simply inform your customers that each month/week you are giving away 1 dozen donuts and 3 coffees to 1 lucky customer.

The rules are simple:

  1. Follow us
  2. Take a pic and @tag us
  3. Use the hashtag #badassbakery

If the thought of asking your customers if they are on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter makes you uncomfortable, get over it!

If you’re a small business you owner you are already doing what 99% of people are are too afraid to do. This is what your competitors are too afraid to do as well. Beat them to the punch.

Action Steps!

  1. Create an account for Social Media I strongly suggest Instagram
  2. Decide what products or services you can giveaway or discount
  3. Determine whether an instant incentive or monthly/weekly giveaway is best

Word of mouth is never going away, but it will evolve, social media for small business is the latest and greatest incarnation.
Adapt and survive or risk extinction.