If you have kids between the ages 8-18, you already know that Instagram is where it at. Instagram is growing like crazy right now. I have been growing my sons twitter following religiously for the past few months.

He currently has over 8k followers and he was excited, but all he really wanted was Instagram followers. “No one at my school cares about twitter, everyone is on Instagram.” My 15 yr old daughter who was addicted to twitter just last year agreed that Instagram is where she spends most of her time.

According to globalwebindex,  Instagram is growing faster than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest combined.

Instagram showed the biggest rise in active users. ACTIVE USERS

My sons Instagram account has less than 500 hundred followers , yet look at the comments and likes.

Instagram for business That’s what you want right? Active users and not “I check it once a week users “.

Instagram engagement is 15x higher than Facebook

Instagram engagement is 15x higher than Facebook, 90% of users are under 35, and 65% of users are women although the number of male users is on the rise. Big Brands are not convinced Instagram is worth the effort as 92% of prestigious companies are already on the Instagram bandwagon.

As you may already know I have a policy known as be everywhere in one place, so if you are already spread thin creating content on Facebook or Youtube and you’re making progress don’t feel pressure to add Instagram to your to do list.

However, if you really want to reach the 16-25 year old demographic and your current platforms aren’t showing much engagement, consider ditching one of them for Instagram. For me one of my sites is kidsdrumminglessons.com,  so guess who is all in on Instagram? This Daredevil that’s who!

Here’s 3 ways top brands are using Instagram.

User Generated Content

Since Instagram started a selfie machine with intimate photos from bathrooms and bedrooms, it’s no surprise that big brands are asking followers to take photos of themselves using their products. Companies like Vic Firth Drumsticks had their users take photos of themselves using their drumsticks and then Post that photo to their Instagram and @mention the user. Look at the engagement they get! Instagram for business

Behind the scenes

Everyone loves to look and see who’s behind the curtain. Businesses try very hard to build a polished brand and image, but when you give your fans access to the more candid side of your business they love it! Check out this great pic from Marvel Entertainment.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 1.01.41 AM


Along with the behind the scenes angle you can also use instagram photos as a teaser to a future product or event.
Ever heard of @dribble2much? Me neither!
Well, dribble2much has over 450,000 Instagram followers. He offers basketball training specifically related to dribbling the basketball. He uses instagram to promote upcoming basketball clinics and 1 on1 training.
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.32.40 AM

How did he grow his following so large?

The brilliance of Dribble2much’s Call to Action cannot be overstated He posted videos of his players making their defenders falling down and not being able to guard them. In the caption he simply wrote “tag all your friends/teammates that you can do this to.” Since basketball is a breeding ground for trash talk that simple call to action exploded his following! dribble instagram

Are you getting as pumped up as I am?

For our kids drumming lessons site Instagram is perfect. We are going to start making 15 second videos of drum fills and beats with the call to action tag your friends who love drums. If you are looking another way to expand your social reach, Instagram might be just what you’re looking for. If you would like the lowdown on setting up your Instagram account click here!