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I am a social media daredevil. Addicted to the rush of helping others reach their goals. Daredevils don't talk about it. Daredevils do it!

Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress You probably didn’t Know About

This is where you'd have to read some junk about productivity levels in the U.S. and how precious time is, but who cares! Want to get your posts done faster? Then get to know these awesome [...]

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Youtube SEO for Bloggers a Beginners Guide

Youtube SEO for Bloggers a Beginners Guide I love YouTube! As many of you already know YouTube is one of the worlds most popular search engines second only to google, which is why so many [...]

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Writing for a World of Terminators

Writing for a World of Terminators How To Make Your Posts More Scannable I have a lot to do and so do you. In fact the chances are that you're about to start scanning this post [...]

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Epic vs Prolific Is trying to be epic killing your growth? 5 Reasons being Prolific beats being Epic

Be Epic! That seems to be a common theme amongst social media leaders. I agree with them for the most part, but is trying to be epic stifling your growth? Here's the case against trying [...]

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WTF is going on with Instagram

If you have kids between the ages 8-18, you already know that Instagram is where it at. Instagram is growing like crazy right now. I have been growing my sons twitter following religiously for the [...]

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Be Everywhere in One Place

Be Everywhere in One Place When online business icon Pat Flynn revealed his philosophy of be everywhere,  a few things happened. First of all, most people including myself were inspired. Imagine people being able to find me everywhere. No [...]

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