One of the many things I love about my job as an online marketer is how fast the information changes and the amount of great information there is out there!

Each month I’m going to share with you my favorite Online marketing blogs. I hope these really help you along your journey as a marketer and small business owner.

How to Build Your Email List Using Facebook Live.

In this post, Neil Patel goes in depth (as he always does) about why Facebook live should be a part of your strategy and how to use it to grow your email list. This is something I’ve really been wanting to start. If you’ve been on the fence about live events this post will get you motivated. Read more on how to build your email list using Facebook live


10 Ways to Ruin an Email Campaign [Infographic]

Marketing Profs have tons of great content, and they produce plenty of great infographics. With this infographic they give you a clear picture (hahaha) of some big mistakes to avoid with your email marketing campaign. Read the 10 ways to ruin an email campaigjn


Facebook Website Custom Audiences Based on Pixel Events

There are only a handful of people I trust when it comes to Facebook Ads, and Jon Loomer is one of them!

In this post, Jon breaks down everything you need to know about making Facebook Pixel work for you to create custom audiences. Read more on how to create Facebook custom audiences based on pixels

9 Stats That Will Make You Want to Invest in Content Marketing

We here at Social Media Daredevil are bug fans of content marketing! Content Marketing Institute leaves no doubt that you should make content marketing a centerpiece of your marketing efforts! Read more about the 9 stats that will make you want to invest in content marketing


7 Regrets of a Failed Entrepreneur

Everyone loves to get advice from successful entrepreneurs, but it’s rare to hear from those that failed.

Gordon Tredgold, shares his advice in the blog post on  There are some really great lessons here especially number 4. Read more about regrets of a failed entrepreneur


How To Overcome Your Fears Of Rejection

Motivation master Brian Tracy addresses one of the biggest obstacles facing business owners and salespeople. The fear of rejection.
Brian really breaks down the ways to get over fear in 4 easy steps. Read more on overcoming your fears.


How to Get Started with Facebook Ads As a Total Beginner + Other Q&A

As I mentioned before not a lot of people get me to lend me their ears when it comes to Facebook Ads Rick Mulready is among the few. This post is a transcript of his podcast (which I highly recommend) if you’re new to Facebook Ads and need a place to start, read this! Then listen to the podcast then read it again Lol! Read more about  getting started with Facebook Ads


The 2 Quickest Ways to Generate an Income Online

Pat Flynn has probably been the most influential marketer in my life. His podcast inspired me to start my online business. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you can make money online this post is for you! Pat gives his 2 quickest ways to make money online.  Read more on generating online income


10 Reasons Podcast Guesting is the #1 Killer Content Marketing Tactic of All Time

Phil Singleton lays it all out and leaves little doubt that guest podcasting needs to be on your to-do list right now! Read this post and see if you don’t immediately agree! Read more guest podcasting


Influencer Marketing for SEO: How to Build Links with Influencer Outreach

This post on by Michael Quoc is an amazing resource for anyone considering Influencer Outreach. The post not only goes into the pros of Influencer Marketing but exactly how to execute it!  Read more on Influencer Outreach

Which one othese di you like the best? Nominate a post in the comments below.